Queshonda Kudaisi has a Bachelor of Science in Practical Theology, a Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics, and is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy of Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Mathematics Education. Additionally, Queshonda is in her 6th year of service as an educator. She served 5 years as a Mathematics Educator teaching in grades 7th through 12th grade. She is currently an Instructional High School Mathematics Coach for the School Board of Polk County. She supports mathematics teachers in curriculum and instruction.

Queshonda was a recipient of the Charles and Mary Scholarship Award, Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation Recipient, Mamie Earl Sells Scholarship Recipient, Advocate for Youth Education Scholarship Recipient, Math and Science Education Endowed Scholarship Fund recipient, and a Leslie C Robins Endowed Scholarship Fund recipient. 

Her research interest involves teaching mathematics for social justice.

"Personally, I believe that all students can learn even in the face of difficult environmental circumstances. I also believe that all students have the potential to achieve their highest heights in life, academically and other areas of life as well. While some students have natural self-motivation, some students need someone to first believe in them in order for them to believe in themselves. I believe that it is the responsibility of teachers to encourage all students to be the the best that they can be.  (Queshonda J. Kudaisi)"

Aiken College and Career High School, Ma
Aiken College and Career High School, Ma

Mamie Earl Sells was committed to young people, promoting programs that encouraged them to expand and improve their personal lives and career opportunities. This scholarship is dedicated to her memory, honoring her loyalty and service to the community through her volunteer work in the arts, education, racial justice programs, and social services. Personally dedicated to the YWCA during the last decade of her life, Mamie played a leadership role in developing the Career Women of Achievement event and served as a board member, vice president of membership and overall friend to the YWCA.

This scholarship award honors Mamie’s philosophy that we must “lift as we climb,” meaning that we must act as role models and mentors to the young women of today and tomorrow.

The YWCA Mamie Earl Sells Scholarship Fund was established in 1993 to provide financial assistance and support to an outstanding African-American female Greater Cincinnati high school senior entering a post-secondary institution. 

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"Always give 100 percent, do it from your heart, don't do things based on the opinions and thoughts of others, or based on some type of praise you are going to get, just always do it from your heart. (Queshonda J. Kudaisi)"