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Season 1: Episode 1 Introducing the Math Education Matters Podcast

In this episode, the host, Dr. Queshonda Kudaisi: 1. Introduces herself as the Host of the Podcast 2. Introduces Math Education Matters, the website, and the community 3. Introduces the Math Education Matters Podcast including What To Expect.

Resources discussed in the podcast include: Follow us on twitter: 

Season 1: Episode 2 Dr. India White on Harnessing Students' GRIT in Mathematics Education

In this episode, Dr. Kudaisi interviews Dr. India White, TEDx speaker, motivational speaker, life coach, author, national educational consultant, entrepreneur, mentor, and a licensed minister, on  Harnessing Students' GRIT in Mathematics Education. 

Feel free to connect with Dr. India White on social media:
Twitter: Indispeaknteach
Twitter: IWhiteBIL
LinkedIn: TheIndiaWhite
Facebook: MsIndiaWhite
TEDx Talk: The Power of Grit

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