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Dr. Queshonda Kudaisi was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She graduated from Winton Hills Academy and Aiken College and Career High School as the valedictorian of the class of 2010. Read more about her academic high school experiences here which was written about by Dr. Virginia Rhodes, her high school principal at the time. Dr. Kudaisi has a Bachelor of Science in Practical Theology from Southeastern University, a Master of Arts in Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Mathematics Education from the University of South Florida. ​

Aiken College and Career High School, May, 2010 (1).png
Aiken College and Career High School, May, 2010 (1).png

Teaching Experience

Dr. Kudaisi's mathematics education experience includes work as a middle and high school mathematics teacher, instructional high school mathematics coach for Polk County Public Schools, executive director for after-school and summer STEAM programs for Narrow Path Outreach Incorporated, mathematics education consultancy, adjunct professor of mathematics education at the University of South Florida, and assistant professor of mathematics education. Dr. Kudaisi is currently an assistant professor of mathematics education at the University of North Texas, where she engages in research, teaching, and service.


Her research broadly focuses on social justice in mathematics education in formal and informal mathematics learning environments. In formal environments, she studies social justice as critical consciousness. More specifically, she interrogates the teaching and learning of mathematics for social justice (its learners, its teachers, and its systems) within the context of mathematics teacher preparation.  In informal environments. she studies social justice as instrumental access. Her research in this area focuses on Black and Brown students and students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. She is interested in how students’ identity, power, and joy are developed through their participation in summer programs and its implications for mathematics teacher preparation.

Aiken College and Career High School, May, 2010 (1).png


Dr. Kudaisi is a current and past member of several organizations, which include the National Council of Supervisors of Math, Psychology of Math Education- North America, American Educational Research Association, Association of Math Teacher Educators in Texas, Association of Math Teacher Educators, Polk County Council for Teachers of Math, Florida Association of Math Teacher Educators, Florida Council for Teachers of Math, and the National Council for Teachers of Math. Dr. Kudaisi served on the executive board of three organizations, including PCCTM, FCTM, and AMTE. At FCTM, Dr. Kudaisi was the Access and Equity Committee Chair. She led math educators and leaders across Florida to develop curriculum, instruction, and professional development. She advocated for policies within the state education department that promote access and equity in math education. 


In 2023, Dr. Kudaisi was 1 of 24 early career scholars awarded the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators STaR Fellowship. The STaR fellowship supports the professional development of tenure-track mathematics education faculty in their first or second year of an academic appointment in service, teaching, and research. Dr. Kudaisi received the Charles and Mary Scholarship Award, Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation Recipient, Advocate for Youth Education Scholarship Recipient, Math and Science Education Endowed Scholarship Fund recipient, a Leslie C Robins Endowed Scholarship Fund recipient, AND Mamie Earl Sells Scholarship Recipient. The Mamie Earl Sells Scholarship encourages us to “lift as we climb” and is a motto Dr. Kudaisi lives by. Watch the video produced for this award here


Books and Book Chapters


Kudaisi, Q. & Kudaisi, O. (2022). The mathematics of toxic air emissions. In Conway, B., Id-Deen, L., Raygoza, M., Ruiz, A., Staley, J., & Thanheiser, E (Eds).  Middle School Mathematics Lessons to Explore, Understand, and Respond to Social Injustice. Corwin Mathematics and The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Dr. Kudaisi wrote a chapter in this book about the mathematics of toxic air emissions and it's impact on a community. This book can be purchased through Corwin Mathematics. All inquiries regarding shipping and handling should be directed toward the publisher's website. 


Kudaisi, Q. (2022). Attending to Equity and Social Justice in Mathematics Coaching. In White, I. (Ed).  Equity Counts: Diversity and Inclusion for Success of All Learners. Rise to greater heights network.

Dr. Kudaisi wrote a book chapter in this book about mathematics coaching and the ways in which instructional mathematics coaches can encourage the teachers they support to attend to equity and social justice in their mathematics teaching practice. This book can be purchased through the visionary author's website here. All inquiries regarding shipping and handling should be directed toward the visionary author's website. 

Journal Articles

Harper, F. & Kudaisi, Q. (Submitted). Geometry, groceries, and gardens: Learning mathematics and social justice in a project-based mathematics classroom. The Journal of Mathematical Behavior. 

Kudaisi, Q. (2022). Student noticing and wondering in the mathematics classroom: An equity-directed instructional strategy. Dimensions in Mathematics. 

Sears, R., & Kudaisi, Q. (2021). A Systemic Approach to Attend to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (J.E.D.I) in a High School Mathematics Methods Course. Connections, 31(2).


Journal Articles

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In The News


Surviving COVID, Winter Haven woman receives degree days after giving birth. "Winter Haven academic coach is now 'PhD Mom'" 

"The joy on Kudaisi’s face also reflects her circumstances of four months earlier, when she was bedridden with COVID-19 and feared that she had lost her baby and would not survive the illness". Click here to read the full news story.

I am grateful to God, family, friends, doctors, and nurses for the love, support, and knowledge that helped me to be able to survive during such a tough time.  

YWCA Mamie Earl Sells Scholarship. "Meet 2010 YWCA Mamie Earl Sells Scholarship Recipient

Aiken College and Career High School"

Published May 13, 2010 

Read the full story here and here.

Since high school, I dreamed of being a mathematics teacher and I became one. All these years later, I have the privilege of preparing college students to be mathematics teachers. Also, I get to conduct mathematics education research while I am at it!

ABC Action News, Tampa Bay

NBC UNIVERSAL - The Today Show

"After contracting COVID-19 while pregnant, this mom got her PhD Queshonda J. Kudaisi, a mom of 5, was afraid her diagnosis would keep her from graduation. She made it, with her new baby girl in tow." 

Click here to read the full news story. 

Download the pdf here.

"Mom beats COVID-19 while pregnant and earns Ph.D."

Click here to read the full news story. 

Download the pdf here.

By: Rebecca Petit

Posted at 6:53 PM, Dec 16, 2021

In Th News
Invite Dr. Kudaisi

Invite Dr. Kudaisi



  1. Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice

  2. Preparing Teachers to Teach Mathematics for Social Justice  

  3. Equity in Mathematics Education

  4. School Community Partnerships in Mathematics 

  5. Student-Centered Engagement Strategies in Mathematics 


  1. Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators Roundtable

  2. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference

  3. Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference

  4. Florida Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators Conference

  5. Florida Distance Learning Association Conference

  6. Big Ideas Mathematics Webinar

  7. Teachers Development Group Conference

  8. Pi Before Dinner Podcast

  9. Curriculum and Pedagogy Conference

  10. Knowledge Hook Roundtable 

Dr. Kudaisi's Non-Profit Narrow Path Outreach Incorporated

See how students learned in informal learning environments below!

Remembering Dr. Kudaisi's Mentor, Anthony John Kasak

She learned from him in informal learning environments below!

Research Agenda (4).png
Research Agenda (4).png
Anthony John Kasak

Mr. Kasak, a graduate of Purdue University and a retired engineer from General Electric in Cincinnati, was the leader of an after-school program titled Minorities in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering (M2SE) at  Aiken College and Career High School. 

He encouraged many of the students in his program to achieve academically and pursue STEM careers. He was Dr. Kudaisi's mentor in high and college and encouraged her to go into a STEM field. Immediately after high school, he helped her to secure an internship with general electric, and continued to be her mentor throughout College. Mr. Kasak passed away on Sunday April 26, 2015 at the age of 83.

Mr. Kasak was married to Audrey C. (nee Kraus) Kasak his wife of 59. He was the father of Joseph C. (Mary Jo) Kasak, Claire M. (Gino) Racanelli, James M. (Judy) Kasak and Karen A. (Jim) Fleck. He was the grandfather of 13 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. He was the brother of William (Betty) Kasak, Mary (Robert) Albrecht and the late Margaret (late Richard) Hertel.

Research Agenda (5).png
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