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Student-Centered Inclusive Mathematics S

Dr. Queshonda J. Kudaisi, PhD
Child of God. Wife. Mom. Educator. 
Pursuer of Justice & Equity. Mathematics for Social Justice.

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Welcome to Math Education Matters, a website containing resources that will support mathematics educators in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and research! 


high level math

I believe that all students should be taught by qualified teachers who have high expectations for and believe in their students based on the work of Dr. Ruthmae Sears and the National Council for Teachers of Math. 

support for students

I believe that educators should provide students with support, accommodations, and remediation that may be necessary. 

culturally relevant pedagogy

I believe that all students should receive instruction that connects to their backgrounds, experiences, cultural perspectives, and traditions based on the work of Dr. Ladson-Billings, Dr. Gutstein,  and Dr. Rochelle Guitterez. 

asset based teaching

I acknowledge that there are factors that lead to different outcomes for certain populations of students and we seek to address them. 

state & Federal law & policy

I advocate for federal and state laws and policies that promote equity for all stakeholders including families, students, and educators based on our core values and goals.

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  1. School Community Partnerships in Mathematics 

  2. Family involvement and Support in Mathematics 

  3. Student-Centered Engagement Strategies in Mathematics 

  4. Teaching Secondary Mathematics for Social Justice 

  5. Preparing Teachers to Teach Mathematics for Social Justice 

  6. Equity in Mathematics Education

  7. Liberation Pedagogy in Mathematics Education 

  8. Critical Mathematics Education 

Invite Queshonda

Collaboration Makes
Us Better.

In this session, we share our stories as Ph.D. students and candidates and the power of writing groups in our lives during the process of graduate school.


Students Learn in Informal Mathematics Learning Environments. 

Learn more about my non-profit Narrow Path Outreach incorporated below. 

Celebrate with Me!

I graduated with a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Mathematics Education and a cognate in Leadership from the University of South Florida. 

Be Grateful with Me: Surving Covid. 

I am grateful to God, family, friends, doctors, and nurses for the love, support, and knowledge that helped me to be able to survive during such a tough time. 

Reflect with Me.

Since high school, I dreamed of being a mathematics teacher and I became one. All these years later, I have the privilege of preparing college students to be mathematics teachers. Also, I get to conduct mathematics education research while I am at it!

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