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Teaching & Learning 

Classroom Lecture

High Leverage Practices

"The Fundamentals of Teaching"

Collaborative learning.

Ball, D.L. and Forzani, F.M. (2009). The work of teaching and the challenge of teacher education. Journal of Teacher Education, 60, 497-511.

Ball, D.L., Sleep, L., Boerst, T.A., and Bass, H. (2009). Combining the development of practice and the practice of development in teacher education. The Elementary School Journal, May 2009, 458-74.

Outdoor Class
  • Leading A Discussion ​

  • Explaining and Modeling Content ​

  • Eliciting and Interpreting ​

  • Diagnosing Patterns of Student Thinking​

  • Implementing Norms and Routines for Discourse ​

  • Coordinating and Adjusting Instruction​

  • Establishing and Maintaining Community Expectations  Work​

  • Implementing Organizational Routines  ​

  • Setting Up and Managing Small Group Work ​

  • Building Respectful Relationships ​

  • Communicating with Families ​

  • Learning About Students ​

  • Setting learning goals​

  • Designing lessons​

  • Checking student understanding​

  • Selecting and designing assessments​

  • Interpreting student work​

  • Providing feedback to students​

  • Analyzing instruction​

Board Meeting

High Leverage Practices

"The Fundamentals of Teaching"

Teacher Education Pedagogies

"The Fundamentals of Teaching Teachers"

  1. Using video to see and analyze practice

  2. Using student work, portraits and other representations to learn about children

  3. Using transcripts to see and analyze practice

  4. Teacher educator modeling of teaching practice

  5. Using video to practice practice

  6. Using transcripts to practice practice

  7. Using student work to practice practice

  8. Coached rehearsals

  9. Peer run-throughs

  10. Simulated student interactions

  11. Designing and using field tasks

  12. Coaching strategies

Grossman, P., Compton, C., Igra, D., Ronfeldt, M., Shahan, E., & Williamson, P. (2009). Teaching practice: A cross-professional perspective. Teachers College Record, 111(9), 2055-2100.

McDonald, M., Kazemi, E., & Kavanagh, S. S. (2013). Core practices and pedagogies of teacher education: A call for a common language and collective activity. Journal of Teacher Education, 64(5), 378-386.

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